About us

About The Founder 

Akesma McGlown is the founder and CEO of Mixxture Beauty who started her career as a hair stylist over seventeen years ago. She quickly realized that many of the “salon-grade” products that people were accustomed to were made of synthetic ingredients that are cheap and ineffective, and are often even harmful to use on the hair and skin. The same went for the cheap drugstore brands, and the matter only worsened when in late 2020 and early 2021, multiple class-action lawsuits were filed against some of the biggest haircare producers in the country for using carcinogens in their products that caused hair loss and scalp burns.

After searching the market for all-natural haircare products that were both safe and effective, she quickly realized that they were few and far between. Recognizing a desperate need for such a product, she decided to try her hand at making them and the results exceeded expectations. 


Why Mixxture Beauty?

Mixxture Beauty comes from two ideas: creating a mixture of safe and effective products for a mixture of people, hence the two x’s for the two mixtures. Since day 1, Mixxture Beauty has been devoted to creating effective products from only plant-based and food-grade ingredients. From green tea and tea tree to shea butter and aloe vera, everything is sourced naturally and sustainably so that our customers can be confident in the safety of the products they use daily. All Mixxture products come with complete ingredient labels, and a comprehensive list of all ingredients used in the Mixxture lines is available at the ingredients tab on our website.